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Sunday 18th October 2020

Sunday 18th October 2020



Today in our passage we see Paul speak in such loving terms towards the Philippians who he describes as ‘partners in the gospel’.  

Spend time praying for our partners in the gospel:

  • Ed & Sally Hawkins in the NT
  • Petina Abbott in Thailand (on home assignment at the moment)
  • B & L in West Asia
  • Stephen & Megan Noble in Taiwan
  • CAHSM Ministry – Scripture Teaching in Campbelltown

Let Paul’s prayer in Philippians 1 guide your prayers.  Give thanks for our gospel partners.  Pray that God will complete the work He is beginning in them (and through them).  Pray 1:9-11 for them and for one another.

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Bible Reading: Philippians 1:1-11

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