Jesus - Campbelltown City Baptist Church


Jesus is the most significant person who ever lived.  At CCBC, we’re all about treasuring and following Jesus.

At the heart of the Bible is good news about Jesus.  

Christians believe that God made the world, and that he gave humanity a distinct and special place in his creation.  

But all of us, by thought and word and deed have rejected God as our maker and as our ruler.  We’ve all rebelled against him as King. And because God is good and holy and just, he must bring justice to all the wrongs of our world.  

Yet God, because of his love for the world, made a way for all people to be forgiven, reconciled and restored to right relationship with God.

On the cross, Jesus, who is God in the flesh, died in the place of sinful humanity.  On the cross, Jesus bore the punishment we all deserve and in his resurrection he offers life to all who would turn from rejecting God and put their trust in him.  The cross is God’s love letter to the world, written on the pages of history. There we see how bad our rejection of God is, and that his love is greater than we could hope.

Because Jesus loves us and because he gave his life for us, we want to live for him.  Because he loves us we want to follow his commands. Because we are undeserving of his love and have tasted his forgiveness, we want to love others and proclaim what he has done so that others might taste the love and forgiveness we have received.  

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