Our Leaders - Campbelltown City Baptist Church

Our Leaders

Campbelltown City Baptist Church is led by a team of Pastors, Elders and Deacons.

Our Pastors

James is the Pastoral team Leader at CCBC. He always knew about Jesus, but in high school, he realised that in Jesus, God loved him despite all his failures.  That truth has been slowly shaping him ever since. James is married to Natalie, and they have three boys; Samuel, Tom and Will. James loves to help people understand the Bible for themselves and see them grow in their love for Jesus. He also likes guitars, football and time at the beach.  You can contact him via email: james@ccbaps.com.au

Martin is the Youth Pastor at CCBC. Martin has been married to Martyne for 26 years and they have two children: Lachlan and Sarah. He grew up in South West Sydney and gave his life to Jesus when he was 17 years old. Martin is passionate about young people having the opportunity to see the possibilities of their life with God and bringing hope to others through knowing Jesus Christ. He enjoys playing jazz piano, cooking and getting outside. You can contact him via email: martin@ccbaps.com.au

Phil is the Pastor of our CCBC Westside congregation that meets in Claymore. Phil has served with his wife Fiona at CCBC since January 2007. They have 4 children (Reuben, Rose, Lily & Luther) and as a family, they love meeting new people from different backgrounds, as they enjoy the messiness of life. When he was 14 he began following Jesus and continues to be amazed at the wonder of His love and goodness to him. Phil loves reading, watching movies, gardening and the wonder of compost. You can contact him via email: phil@ccbaps.com.au

John is the Pastor for Seniors at CCBC. When John was 20, he read these words in a Christian tract: “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.” Although John was a church goer he was not giving Jesus his rightful place in his life. One day he was granted the courage to pray a prayer of faith that changed the direction of his life. He met his wife, Vicki, in 1982 and they have served together in Australia, Zambia, and Thailand (where they adopted two children, Thanee & Brianna). John is passionate about helping senior people find their place within the body of Christ and exercise the ministry God has given them. You can contact him via email: john@ccbaps.com.au