Sunday 11th October 2020 - Campbelltown City Baptist Church

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Sunday 11th October 2020



In our passage today, we’ll see the power of Jesus to save and create, direct and sustain.  In light of this please use the following suggestions to guide your time of prayer:

  • Pray for your friends and family to come to know the love of Jesus.  Pray particularly for those who you doubt will ever come to faith.  Ask God to open their hearts to hear the gospel.  Ask God to change their circumstances so that they become able and eager to hear the gospel.
  • Pray for the unity of our church.  Pray that we will be a people who love one another despite all of our diversity.  Pray that we will be eager to get to know people who are different from us but have Christ in common.  Pray for the unity of other local churches in our area.
  • Praise God for his sovereignty.  Pray that we would trust God as he ordains and directs the events and moments of our lives.  Pray that God would direct us towards opportunities for fruitful gospel ministry.  
  • Pray that God will sustain us as we seek to serve Him faithfully.  Pray that we would embrace and expect suffering for the sake of Jesus.  Pray for Christians who are persecuted around the world; pray that they would trust in God and remain faithful to Him.  Pray that our faithful suffering might be a powerful witness to a watching world.


Bible Reading: Acts 16:6-40

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