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Sunday 20th September 2020

Sunday 20th September 2020



Our sermon today looks at one of the final sections of Jeremiah.  In it, we see the faithfulness of Jeremiah in a futile situation.  We see the wrath of God promised against the injustice of the world and we see a glimmer of hope as king Jehoiachin is rescued from prison and seated at the King’s table As you meet together in your groups, please use the following to guide you as you pray.

  • Praise God for his holiness
  • Praise God that He is sovereign over creation and human history
  • Spend time confessing sin and thanking God for His forgiveness
  • Thank God for pouring out His wrath on Jesus instead of us
  • Pray for justice throughout our world
  • Pray for situations in your lives that seem futile
  • Thank God for those who love us despite how difficult we can be to love
  • Pray for Campbelltown to hear and respond to the gospel
  • Pray that we will be faithful to God in proclaiming the gospel even others don’t want to hear it
  • Thank God that our future is like that of Jehoiachin: though deserving of judgement we will be seated at the table of the greater King

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Bible Reading (included): Jeremiah 52

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