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Sunday 26th July 2020

Sunday 26th July 2020


Jeremiah Overview


Our Heavenly Father,

You made the heavens and the earth.  You sustain and rule over all creation.  We praise you because everything exists for your glory, including us.  We see glimpses of your glory in the creation around us.  We thank you for bright, blue skies and crisp, cold air.  We thank you for all the good gifts you give to us for our enjoyment. 

Please forgive us for all the times that we seek our own glory.  Forgive us for the times where we worship created things rather than the creator.  Please forgive us for our selfishness and for the times where we choose sin over holiness.

We thank you for giving your Son for us.  Thank you that Jesus paid our debt in full.  Thank you that the greatest Son was treated as an enemy so that we who were enemies might become sons and daughters.

We thank you that we can call you ‘Father’.  Thank you for adopting us into your family.  Thank you for loving us despite all the ways in which we fail to love you.  Please forgive us for doubting and questioning your love.  Thank you for the love of others that we experience.  Please grow us in gratefulness.

As we spend time over the coming months in the book of Jeremiah, please show us afresh the power of your word.  Please convict us of sin and cause us to want to repent and change and grow.  Please help us to see your calling on our lives to follow Jesus faithfully, no matter the cost.  Please grow us so that we will trust you more and be used by you, for your glory. 

We thank you that in Jeremiah we’re reminded of your sovereignty, your presence, your protection and the assurance that your word is powerful and true.  Please use us, in our weakness, to declare your words of hope to the world.

We pray all these things in the name of Jesus,

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Bible Reading (included): Jeremiah 1

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