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Sunday 3rd May 2020

Sunday 3rd May 2020




Dear LORD, we thank You that we can come to you as a body of believers. We thank You that we can call You Father and that You hear our prayers. Help us LORD to come to a better understanding and a deeper appreciation of the price You paid to make this possible.

We thank You that Your death on the cross has cleared our debt and allowed us to be reconciled to You. We thank You that although physically separated we are united as Your children. Help us to behave in such a way that reflects our spiritual identity, and that those around us might see something of Your character, that You might be glorified.

LORD we thank You that You not only died but that You rose from the grave. You’ve shown us that You are who You claim to be, You have victory over death. We thank You that as the “firstfruits” of the resurrection we can have confidence that You will raise us with resurrected bodies to live in Your presence forever. We pray that this will be an encouragement to all of us, especially to those amongst us today who are suffering. We thank You that our relationship with You has been reconciled, we look forward to restored bodies, in a restored creation, where there will be no more tears and no more curse.

LORD, it is so easy to forget these truths and to be overwhelmed by the troubles of this world. Forgive us for when we forget that You are our father, that You care for us and that nothing is out of your control. We ask that You help us to suffer well, that we’ll be good ambassadors for You in the way that we deal with life’s difficulties. LORD, give us a sensitivity and an awareness for the needs of those around us. Give us the opportunity to show a Christlike love to both for their physical and spiritual needs.

Please help us this morning as we listen to Your word being taught. We thank You for the freedom we have in Australia to have Your word preached so openly. Help us to have open ears and open hearts. May we not come to Your word with preconceived ideas, but may we allow You to speak into our lives.

We thank You for our pastors and their families. We thank You for all who serve so faithfully in our church family. We thank You for the money that is given and pray for guidance in the way it is used.

Again LORD, we thank You that You hear our prayers. We pray that our meeting this morning may be edifying to us and glorifying to You.


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Bible Reading (included) – 1 Corinthians 15:35-58